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Malema: Ramaphosa’s dogs eat better than some people

Julius Malema

Economic Freedom Fighter leader Julius Malema, speaking in KwaZulu-Natal on Tuesday morning, said government subsidies on social grants were not enough to feed families. He said government continued to make education expensive to keep certain groups of people illiterate, so as to have more control over them.

The EFF leader suggests there is too much money in government and not enough for ordinary citizens.

He highlighted that even township schools, which were considered a cheaper alternative to schools in suburbs, were pricey, as there were constant fees parents were forced to pay.

He said it was unacceptable for people to receive an average of R400 from social grants as even the president’s dogs received better living standards.

“Dogmore is expensive,” said Malema.


“We want education to be free,” he told supporters.

“There is too much money in government. We want money to move from politicians to the people.”

Malema moved on to say President Cyril Ramaphosa and former president Jacob Zuma were one and the same and a vote for one would be a vote for both.

Julius Malema

“Zuma used Duduzane [Zuma] and Ramaphosa used his son Andile,” he said in reference to allegations made at the commission of inquiry into state capture.

“Stop misleading yourself [to] say there is a new mayor and new MEC, they are from the same pot. If you want results, you must change your vote. Vote for the EFF, because the EFF are not scared of white people.

“Ask employees, when there are challenges in their work environment, they don’t call unions, they call the EFF.”

He continued to say: “We want to share the wealth of the country with them. [White people], you are sitting on the dining table, we want to sit with you. If you don’t agree, we will destroy the table,” to pick up the scraps, clean them and eat them, without any white person present.

“Fighters, let’s go and fight for justice on the May 8. We don’t seek reconciliation, we seek justice. The real freedom is coming on May 8. Freedom of water, dignity, and land is going to happen on May 8.”

The EFF leader was not the only one campaigning on Monday morning. Zuma was also out and about in KwaZulu-Natal to rally support for the ANC.

Zuma was doing door to door visits in Eskhaleni.

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