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Makhadzi finally apologies to Winky D

In a now-deleted post South African musician Makhadzi has apologized to Zimbabwean legendary musician Winky D. Makhadzi penned down the apology on her Facebook page and later on deleted it.

“Winky D my brother you are a bigger artist than I am. I am sorry for what happened last time in the UK, I can’t wait to see you today I have a lot to learn from you and hopefully we can work on something.”

A few weeks ago Makhadzi publicly voiced her frustration and disappointment, alleging that she was deliberately sabotaged during her performance by Winky D. The South African musician said she ended up performing for only 10 minutes.



Makhadzi revealed that she was paid a substantial sum of half a million Rand for her appearance at the festival. Promising fans an hour-long set, she eagerly prepared to grace the stage and deliver an unforgettable performance.

However, as the night unfolded, Makhadzi’s excitement turned into disbelief as her time slot was repeatedly adjusted, seemingly to her disadvantage. She claimed that the organizers kept moving her performance slot earlier, ultimately resulting in a mere ten-minute window to showcase her talent.

Adding to Makhadzi’s grievances, fellow artist and Zimbabwean superstar Winky D allegedly took the stage and performed for a staggering 80 minutes. This extended performance allegedly ate into Makhadzi’s precious time and encroached on the time allocated for fellow Zimbabwean superstar musician Jah Prayzah.


Makhadzi made a startling allegation, asserting that the promoter had exploited her and Jah Prayzah’s names to sell tickets for the event, yet deliberately deprived them of the time they deserved on stage. She claimed that this blatant manipulation was part of a larger plot to tarnish her brand and reputation. Expressing her heartfelt apologies to her loyal Zimbabwean fanbase.

Makhadzi admitted that the situation was beyond her control and that she was deeply sorry for not being able to deliver the performance they had eagerly anticipated.

In other news – Ayanda Thabethe announces arrival of her second child

Ayanda Thabethe announces the birth of her second child. In July, the TV personality revealed she’s expecting another child a year after the birth of her first child. Weeks later, she hosted a glamorous baby shower and she’s returned with news about her baby’s arrival.

“If you think my hands are full, you should take a look at my heart,” she wrote. Ayanda further revealed that her baby was born on the 9th of September. Praise to Jesus Christ… 09.09.23,” she added. Read More