Tattoos make you feel h0rny – Here is why

They say art evokes an emotion, and tattoos seem to share these sentiments.

Besides them being body art that more often has a sentimental attachment to them, according to s.e.xologists tattoos actually can be a turn-on.

Have you ever heard of stigmatophilia? An individual derives s.e.xual pleasure and arousal from a partner that’s marked in some way.

According to experts, traditional definitions of stigmatophilia referred to such individuals being s.e.xually aroused by scarring.

But more recent formulations include those who’re s.e.xually aroused by tattoos and piercings.

According to Professor John Money, a New Zealand psychologist, and s.e.xologist, stigmatophilia can also refer to the reciprocal condition where the s.e.xual focus is on the person who has the scars, tattoos or piercings.

Stigmatophilia is one of many different eligibility types of paraphilia. Other even more recent definitions claim that a stigmatophile is a person with this fetish who is s.e.xually aroused by body piercing and tattooing, but not ear piercing.

-daily sun

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