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Magosha with a touch of magic speaks out, if you taste my p#nani you will never leave me…

Boksburg Magosha

Boksburg Magosha with a touch of magic speaks out, if you taste it you will never leave me… those are the words that stood out. Ever since we opened our email line to the rest of the public we receive interesting stories every day.

Today we focus on a story from a Boksburg Magosha who claims to have a magical p#nani. According to her, whoever tastes her punani will never leave but will keep begging for more.

As curious as we are, we asked her how she got that power to keep men coming back for more. Her response wasn’t only crazy but also seemed unreal.

The Magosha claims she visited a Sangoma in Springs who gave her muthi to keep men coming back for more. She says the muthi is so strong that even married men line up just to get a feel of her magical p#nani.

“My P#nani is so sweet that even married men come back for more….” That is the statement that stood out for me. We asked about her prices and this is what she had to say…

“When I started I was desperate for money that I used to charge from R50 per round. But now that I am a hot commodity on the market, I charge from R300 and I am thankful that I still have my clients.”

It seems this Boksburg Magosha has everything set for her business wise. But I wonder does muthi really work to the extent that men come back for more p#nani? What do you think about Magoshas or women who use muthi to make s.e.x sweeter?

Is there even such muthi out there to do this kind of magic. Tell us what you think because I am sure a lot of other men and women out there really want to know.

Source: News365

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