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Magosha heartbroken as she now sells fruits and veggies more than her private part

When lockdown started last year, some backyarders in Cape Town grabbed open spaces to build shacks.

And s.e.x workers working along Old Faure Road between Khayelitsha and Mfuleni thought this would boost their business.

But they found themselves without a place to work from.

Backyarders built on land where they used to work.

One of the magoshas working in the area said it would have been better if the backyarders built their shacks on the other side of the road.

“These people killed our businesses,” said the 26-year-old magosha from Mfuleni.

“It was easy for us to work in that space because we could serve clients faster.

“Our clients included taxi drivers who parked in the bushes and we served them in 20 minutes.

“My clients didn’t need to call me as they knew where to find me.

“Some of my colleagues have since moved to other areas.

“I’m now a fruit and veggie vendor in order to look after my three children, but I still get house calls from my old clients.”

Residents who live in the new squatter camp told the publication they were aware their area used to be a magosha turf.

A community leader in the new kasi, Mzikayise Ndwendwe (48), said he used to live in Site C and knew about the new area’s past.

“It’s unfortunate we had to displace them, but it was necessary for the good of the broader society.

“If they want to build their own shacks here, they are welcome. We can actually help them do so.”

-daily sun

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