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Magosha a choice or poverty?


Everyone in this business has their own reasons as to why they chose to be a Magosha. But when we look at it we see that some of these ladies and lately gents are living pretty so we ask, Is being a Magosha a choice or poverty?

I have seen websites online where ladies come on to advertise their services that range for massages and more. I picked up the phone and called a few asking for prices and the services they offer. I have to say some charge as much as R2500 per hour and I noticed that the minimum fee is R350. So looking at these prices that basically means a Magosha can be making more money than a CEO of some company.

Personally, I think economic hardships may have forced them to become Magoshas or Sfebe but after enjoying so much money in the business, It’s now a choice.


But then what do we say about those Magoshas who market and sell in Joburg CBD around Commissioner Street, they literally charge around R30 per pop. Is it a choice to charge that or situations are forcing them to look for money that way?

Might it be that most of these Joburg CBD Magoshas are so broke and desperate for a meal? Might it be that bad to reduce their fees to between R20 and R50? Or there are just being economic and charging what they know their clients will afford. I mean who would pay R200 in Joburg CBD?

Everyone has their own views when it comes to this topic. Some say it’s foreigners who come in and become Magoshas and others say it’s desperate South African young ladies who have nothing to do. I wonder what is your take in this issue? Do you think being a Magosha is a choice or the person is so broke she has nothing else to do except being a Sfebe? Tell is in comments!

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