Mac G’s transphobic comments come back to haunt him

Podcaster Mac G, real name MacGuyver Mukwevho, has served a blogger whose Twitter account is @khawula_musa with a letter of demand to apologize for calling him “transphobic.”

The blogger recently tweeted about Channel O putting a halt on airing Mac G’s podcast and labeled the podcaster “transphobic.” “Channel O announced transphobic Mac G’s podcast and Chill with celebrity edition is going on a production break until further notice,” he tweeted.

This did not sit well with Mac G who instructed his lawyers to serve Khawula with a letter of demand. In a document Khawula shared on his Twitter account, the podcaster wants him to apologize for his libelous tweet.

“Our instructions are that this statement/tweet particular labeling our client “transphobic” is false and malicious. It further deemed to be defamatory in nature as it: clearly identifies our client was made on a public platform, is untrue and false.

In addition thereto, the statement has caused substantial damage not only to our Client’s good name, character, reputation of our client’s business, but also substantial patrimonial loss which amounts are still to be quantified.” states Mokwana Inc Attorney states.

They further state that the tweet reached Khawula’s 14 600 followers and people now view Mac G as “homophobic.” Mac G has also instructed Khawula to “publish a full retraction and correction of your defamatory statement and a written public apology.

To remove his statement and undertake in writing not to publish false statements regarding their client. Khawula is however not backing down without a fight. He has tweeted that he will not be apologizing for what he published.

“Firstly, you aren’t getting no apology from me and if you memory is short see next tweet to get a good reminder of yall’s transphobic statement,” he tweeted.

The next tweet was the infamous episode with Mac G, Sol Phenduka, and Ghost Lady where they spew homophobia by joking about transgender people and their body parts. The show caused an uproar on Twitter and as a result, they lost their sponsor, Old Mutual.

The insurance company issued a statement announcing that they’ve terminated their relationship with Mac G.”As a responsible business that respects the rights of everyone, we have decided to terminate the relationship with MacG, with immediate effect. We distance ourselves from the harmful commentary against the LGBTQ+ community and humanity at large,” read the statement in part. The LGBTQI community wanted him to be cancelled for the tweet.


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