#Generations:TheLegacy – Lucy’s bae Mrekza under critical condition

#Generations:TheLegacy – Lucy’s bae Mrekza under critical condition! Lucy and Mrekza have always been the best couple who loves each other no matter what. Their love is rare and no matter his many times they have conflicts, they always fix things.

Their relationship is the most stable relationship on Generations, it seems they were really made for each other. However, it seems that their happily married life will be short lived after Mrekza reveals the devastating news to Lucy.

The Gomota queen will be left heartbroken as she will not know how to deal with the situation. As we all have been seeing that Mrekza might have health issues, especially when he was found passed out on the floor by Mazwi. Mazwi advised Mrekza to tell Lucy what’s going on, however it seems he doesn’t want to because he doesn’t want to worry her.

However Lucy can see that her Husband is not okay and on the other hand the doctor that checked6him out suggested he should do more tests, but Mrekza has been I denial.

After the doctor told Mrekza that he has a 50/50 percent chance of surviving considering his health condition, he decided to lie to his wife so she cannot get worried about him.

Mrekza told Lucy that he will be going to Cape Town for a business trip, while he is actually going for medical procedure. He lied so that Lucy will not get worked up. However, I think all these lies will blow up on Mrekza’s face when Lucy finds out what’s really going on and there is a possibility that Mrekza might not return to Cape Town if his medical procedure goes wrong.

Will Lucy be able to take it?

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