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How did Prophet Shepherd Bushiri escape South Africa – Via Zimbabwe?

Shepherd Bushiri

Fugitive, controversial, self-proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary Bushiri escaped South Africa to Malawi violating their bail conditions.

Enlighted Christian Gathering church leader Shepherd Bushiri and his wife were granted R200 000 bail last week by Magistrate Thandi Thelede at the Pretoria magistrate court after spending two weeks in remand prison.

Part of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and wife’s bail conditions are that they are only allowed to traveling Gauteng and North West.

Bushiri Bail Conditions

  • Only allowed to travel between Gauteng and North West
  • Must not comment on the case
  • Must not communicate with unknown state witness
  • Reporting to the nearest police station every Monday and Friday
  • Must not dispose of any of the properties accumulated in South Africa

On Saturday evening news broke out that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary Bushiri fled South Africa to Malawi, a move he described as a tactical withdrawal solely meant to preserve their lives.

There have been clear and evident attempts to have myself, my wife, and my family killed and despite our several attempts to report to authorities, there has never been State protection.

Our coming to Malawi, hence, is a tactical withdrawal from the Republic of South Africa solely meant to preserve our lives.

In a lengthy social media post, Bushiri alleged that there have been attempts on his life, before and after he was granted bail. The couple revealed that they were not safe in South Africa despite having established their ECG church in Pretoria and milking the congregants dry in the nation.

Bushiri’s Enlighted Christian Gathering church has 3.2 million registered members in South Africa.

Shepherd Bushiri Demands
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, claims that he is ready to return to South Africa and clear his name, he demands a fair trial and investigation. To return to South Africa, Bushiri threw five demands to the South African government.

All my wife and I want is to clear our names in a justice system that is fair, impartial, and just. In this vein, I am calling for the following to be met by the Republic of South African authorities to ensure our fair, impartial, and just trial.

  • First, I want the South African government to assure us of our safety and security whilst in South Africa.
  • Secondly, I want the South African government to assure us that our bail will not be revoked. Our right to fair trial entails that we have access to our lawyers all the time. Revocation of the bail defeats our right to a fair trial and also exposes us to further security and safety challenges.
  • Thirdly, I want the officers involved in investigating, arresting, and prosecuting us to recuse themselves. As earlier said, this is the same team that I earlier lodged a complaint against and, also, opened cases against. I won’t have a fair trial with their continued involvement.
  • Fourthly, I want the South African State to see to it that all the issues I lodged and opened against these officers must be pursued to their logical conclusion before proceeding with our case.
  • Finally, I want the South African State to appoint independent and professional investigators and prosecutors who should make independent decisions on the cases we are allegedly accused of.

Bushiri revealed that he arrived in his country of origin Malawi on Wednesday night and questions have been raised on how he arrived in Malawi.

Conspiracy Theories

President of Malawi Lazarus Chakwera helped Bushiri to escape

South African citizens and other government officials including Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni questioned the coincidence of Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera’s presence in South Africa and Bushiri’s escape. It is alleged that Bushiri used President Chakwera’s private plane to escape South Africa.

A whole Head of State smuggling a fugitive from justice? Tell me it’s fake news. Unbelievable! Must be fake. Has to be. People must not spread fake news.

These allegations were squashed by Malawian Minister of Information Gospel Kazako in an interview with the SABC. Mr Kazako claimed that Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera is a man of honor and integrity, one of the most trustworthy leaders in Africa.

Did Bushiri escape South Africa via Zimbabwe?

Bushiri and his wife are believed to have escaped South Africa through porous South Africa- Zimbabwe border multimillion fence and crossed Limpopo with illegal Zimbabwean traders.

Bushiri claims that he arrived in Malawi on Wednesday evening but refused to reveal how he got there illegally because his passport is held by South African authorities. He is yet to approach the Malawian government to seek protection from the “xenophobic and unjust” South African government.

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