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Thando Thabethe is single and loving it

Thando Thabethe

Thando Thabethe shared with her fans on Twitter that she is having the time of her life by being single. In a tweet, she posted then deleted it later Thando was blaming her followers for not telling her sooner that being single was so much fun.

Some of her followers who are probably also single were in support of her tweet and expressed that the single life is so bomb for them.

Thando Thabethe

However other tweeps who are outdated with trending news had no idea that Thando was no longer engaged to Frans Mashao and those responses were possibly the reason that led Thando to remove the tweet.


Moreover, even if Thando Thabethe removed the tweet, many tweeps had seen it and were still talking about it with some wishing to be single whilst others were letting her know that being single is the way of life

“I’ve been telling you for 3 years babes! Welcome to the Good Life!!” & “It’s so amazing babe… Kumnandi I won’t lie.” were just some of the tweets expressed by people.

Thando Thabethe broke up with her ex-fiancee Frans Mashao a few months ago, she revealed on Real Talk with Azania that in as much as she told people that she was engaged, she didn’t tell people everything and that this (the breakup) is something she did not want to talk about.

Source: Allforwomen

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