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5 Upclose and Personal pics of Happy Lethabo

5 Upclose and Personal pics of Happy Lethabo looking all fabulous and as usual amazing. We thought why not share some of her latest pictures which are close-ups and really show how amazing her skin is.

Happy Lethabo

It’s every woman’s dream to have that smooth skin that companies like Dove are always advertising and so when we see one young lady in person with such amazing skin, we are inspired to share a few pictures of her.

Happy Lethabo
Well, I think my skin is doing the most🌞

We have already described Happy Lethabo as the hottest bae on Instagram and we think she might have the crown for the hottest socialite in Mzansi. I wonder what you think to that statement, some are even mentioning names like Kim Kholiwe, Faith Nketsi but hey chill a little bit, today is Happy Lethabo’s day.

In case you wondering what her favourite top is, she shared some info with the next pictures, she said, “My favourite too🖤,,, these crotchets tops are meant for me 💀”… And yes we agree she does look amazing!

Happy Lethabo

I know, I know, cleavage alert… but remember we focusing on her amazing skin, I wonder whats her secret. We might have missed Wednesday to properly crown Happy Lethabo as our #WCW but I am sure no one will complain if we create our own for today, we calling it, Special Thursday with Happy Lethabo

Happy Lethabo
It’s ohk to look bad🖤💀

“It’s ohk to look bad…” she said with the above picture but hey I am not seeing anything bad, I am seeing beautiful and Intelligent not to mention Fabulous. Pull your mind off the stresses of the day for a bit and take a moment to just check out this amazing beauty, she just might as well be a model… maybe we will see her on DStv’s Mzansi Magic soon enough…

Happy Lethabo
Under Limpopo sun 🌞 @st_virginhair

Remember to check her out on Instagram, @thabee_happy, you will see how modest and amazing she is…