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Mpho and Basil’s Love Story #OurPerfectWedding: MEMES


For Mpho, it’s the little things that Basil did, like buying her lunch and taking her home after work, that soften her heart.

The couple met in 2012. Mpho had applied for a job at Basil’s company. They actually met during the training sessions. Basil was the Skills Development Officer at that time and admits he had a difficult time trying to concentrate, for his eyes and heart were fixated on Mpho.

After the training session, Mpho and all the other people she attended training with were assigned to different departments. Basil asked the Team Leader in Mpho’s department if he could talk to her. That time, Mpho was freaking out, thinking she was in some kind of trouble.


He introduced himself and told her he was interested in her, but Mpho was not quite interested. She though he wasn’t her type! Basil didn’t give up. He’d check up on her in the morning, during lunch time and even take her home after work sometimes. This softened Mpho’s heart and she finally agreed to date him.

Some of the challenges they’ve had to face include the fact that their families didn’t approve of their relationship at first. Also, Basil lost his job when they had their first child. This put a lot of strain on their relationship, but they managed to overcome everything.

Tonight, they invite you to join them, as they exchange vows in the presence of friend and family and start a new journey in their lives, as husband and wife.










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