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Lorna Maseko: Last year was nothing but a roller coaster

Lorna Maseko

Lorna Maseko: Last year was nothing but a roller coaster. It is rare to find a woman like Lorna Maseko, they don’t make them like this anymore I must say. It’s not every day you find a woman sizzling hot, also in possession of made cooking skills and brains to back it.

Ladies and Gentlemen Lorna Maseko is a full package. Today we are just catching up with this gorgeous melanin Queen. She had an awesome year too. 2018 was a good year for her. She managed to have her own cooking show.

Celebrity chef Lorna Maseko has taken her cooking skills to the internet, started her very own YouTube channel called Lorna With A Pinch Of Salt.

The star has partnered up with Knorr on a brand-new series Celebrate With Lorna Maseko, with episodes airing on her YouTube channel. Also had an amazing photoshoot with Glam Africa. Inside Lorna Maseko’s GLAM AFRICA Magazine photoshoot. The star continues to shine as she now conquers Africa. Lorana had a photoshoot for GLAM AFRICA Magazine and she is going to be the cover of the magazine’s October to December issue. Here is an inside scoop of the photoshoot she had with the magazine.

Over the years, we have seen her dabble in presenting, business and dance and we are inspired by her journey. The starlet recently bagged the cover of GLAM AFRICA magazine which showcases the very latest in lifestyle, fashion and beauty trends, while celebrating the talents and achievements of Africans.

Now she is ready for 2019 and whatever it has in store for her. Check what she says and thinks of this year and what she hopes brings for her…

Lorna Maseko

Last year was nothing but a roller coaster – but that’s what life is about right – grateful for it all and looking forward and expectant to a fabulous 2019 | #AProductOfGrace | Happy New Year And THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT FAM | 💋❤️💋|

Lorna Maseko

Drip 💦💦💦 #MindingMyBusiness

Lorna Maseko


Lorna Maseko

Next stop ……. The Moon Alice 💋