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Lootlove: Twin Mommying and Daddying is tough

Lootlove: Twin Mommying and Daddying is tough. The star is opening up about motherhood and it seems it’s been tough on her. The media personality gave birth to her beautiful daughters some three months ago and she is been happy about it. The firts picture of her babies she posted was just adorable. She posted for the first time the picture below…

Lootlove Twins

Three months after Luthando ‘Lootlove’ Shosha gave birth to her first babies – twin girls – she flaunted her post-baby bod on social media. Some woman finds it very difficult getting back their pre-pregnancy bodies, most end up with a little belly flab. But not Lootlove.


She was determined to get her figure back after having twins. Lootlove flooded her Instagram account with amazing pics of her slim figure, and boy does she look good.

But she also confessed that raising the twins is not an easy thing either, She loves her kids so much but she says it’s not as easy as it seems. She posted another picture of the babies in their trolleys and she spoke about the difficulties she is facing:


Listen! Twin Mommying and Daddying is tough and shame my babies were not having it via noise and energy on their first trip “out”! Parenting May look cool aesthetically but YHU! What a MOVIE! 

Lootlove with Bonang

Although it may be tough on her she still finds time to have fun. She was among the many Mzansi celebs that graced Bonang’s #HouseOfBNG launch party. and she had this to say:

Lootlove and friendsConsistently inspiring! Hard working! I don’t know who bounces back harder. A woman! A force! So damn phenomenal. Someone we could all learn from! Someone who will continuously show us how to grow and evolve in this space. A leader of the damn pack. Mama Bear… 

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