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Lockdown rules cause serious trouble for S.e.x workers


With so many businesses shutting down, magoshas are also struggling to make a living. Mpumalanga s.e.x workers operating in Mbombela want to open for business, but it’s not happening.

A 20-year-old magosha told Daily Sun that whenever they go to the streets, police stop them from working.

“They tell us about Covid-19. They tell us that we are at high risk of being infected with the virus. How will it stop us from contracting the virus if we are at home?” she asked.

“Coronavirus is the least of my worries as I am struggling to feed my family.”

The magosha said she was willing to follow all precautionary measures.

“Food parcels alone can’t help us. We need money.”

Another magosha (32) said she hoped the government would ease lockdown rules, so they could start working again.

“We want to go back to the streets and work for our children,” she said.

Chairwoman of the Project Dignity Foundation Lindiwe Ntuli-Tloubatla said when lockdown started, they noticed that people were getting relief funds and food parcels, but s.e.x workers were left out.

“We went out and looked for funding to assist them with food parcels,” she said.

Ntuli-Tloubatla said they also managed to give them R200 each to cater for their other needs.

“S.e.x workers are human beings just like us. They need help and support. They get hungry and need toiletries like any other person,” she said.

-Daily Sun

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