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Watch: Gogo dies outside Clinic after being denied to enter

It was a matter of life and death. Gogo Tryphina was fighting for her life. She needed help and she needed it immediately.

Her family ran into the clinic, pleading with nurses to attend to her – but they were told they weren’t special, that they needed to wait their turn…


“They checked her pulse and said it was too late. I guess we don’t matter when we’re dead.”

“My mum took her last breath in the back seat of my car,” said Elliott Tsotetsi (53).

“She died crying, ‘Help me! help me!’ That’s something I’ll never be able to forget.”

The family told Daily Sun the gogo was old, but it wasn’t her time to die. They believe that, had Phuthanong Clinic in Ekurhuleni acted quickly, she’d still be alive.

The family from Tsakane in Ekurhuleni believe she was taken away from them too soon.

As such, they want the clinic to pay for their gogo’s death!

Elliot said when they rushed the gogo to the clinic, they’d hoped the nurses would attend to her quickly.

“We told them it was an emergency and explained that she was struggling to breathe.

“The nurses didn’t care at all. They said we’re not special and told us to wait our turn outside.

“We were told that the clinic was full and nothing could be done for us yet.”

The makoti, Selina Tsotetsi (53), told Daily Sun not even her tears could make clinic staff attend to her beloved gogo.

“They said we weren’t special and that others had been there since six o’clock,” said Selina.

“They sprang into action on hearing deathly screams and wails yet didn’t bring anything to help her.

“They checked her pulse and said it was too late. I guess we don’t matter when we’re dead.”

Nkosana Mokoena (35), said his gogo had six kids and loved her family.

He said gogo couldn’t step into the clinic as she was too weak but got out of the car and back again.

“She had a good heart and shouldn’t have died like that. I’m disappointed in the clinic. We want the clinic to pay.”

He hoped the clinic would treat people better in future.

“Our lives matter. They’re gambling with people’s lives,” he said.

Spokesman Themba Gadebe sent condolences on behalf of the City of Ekurhuleni.

“We want to assure the public the person in the video isn’t the deceased. The deceased patient was attended to in the car and never at any stage left the car due to her critical condition.”

The family said the lady, seen in the video sitting on the ground, is the dying gogo and the crying woman comforting her is Selina.

Apparently, nurses only came to the car to confirm that gogo Tryphina had died.

The family told Daily Sun Health MMC Nomadlozi Nkosi visited the family yesterday afternoon, but the meeting ended badly.

“They’re covering for the clinic and kept telling us they’re investigating,” said Nkosana.

He had then told the MMC to leave.

Source: Daily Sun

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