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Manaka Ranaka will play Zim Zim on Lockdown s3

Manaka Ranaka

The upcoming season of Lockdown is promising to be flaming hot with not only new talent but an even hotter storyline. And Manaka Ranaka couldn’t help but gush about being part of the drama series.

The actress will play the role of Grace aka “Zim Zim,” who is a serial killer. She promised her character will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

“This character is unlike anything I have played before. It doesn’t have historical significance. I had to do research but also look inside myself to find her and put myself in her shoes.”

Manaka explained that she felt that her current “gangster” character on Generations may have opened the door to her Lockdown role. She said Lucy’s popularity may have spoken for her but she planned on impressing as Zim Zim because the only similarity between the two is their criminal past.

Manaka Ranaka

“I was approached for the role and I jumped at the chance. I know that Lucy is a popular character and it is my most recent character, so that is still in people’s minds. I think that playing Lucy helped me get this role because she is a badass but I would like to think the producers saw all my work when they made a decision,” she said.

The show always ends up on the trends list and Twitter offers the cast an Oscar after every episode.

So in addition to her cool character, who in their right mind would decline a chance to work with the stellar cast and crew?

Manaka Ranaka

“I am really excited about the role. I have worked with some of the actors on the show but it has been a while. It was nice to work with them again. It is also nice to be on a different set. Everyone has been so welcoming. It is hard work but humbling to work on such a massive production with such talent.

Manaka told TshisaLIVE that fans don’t need to worry about her leaving Generations: The Legacy as she planned on juggling the two roles.

“For now I will be juggling the roles of Lucy on Generations and this one on Lockdown. That is the life of an actress, you have to deal. I am not planning to leave anytime soon.”

Black Brains pictures also confirmed to TshisaLIVE that Manaka would be joining the show alongside Dineo Nchabeleng, Thembi Nyandeni, Khulu Skenjana and Mmabatho Montsho.

How epic!