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Level 3 lockdown: Lobola negotiations go online

virtual lobola negotiations

It seems virtual lobola negotiations are the new norm, and cultural experts agree. Mtimande Ngwenya told the publication not being allowed to meet doesn’t mean families can’t carry on with lobola negotiations.

He said there’s no problem with holding negotiations online, as long as cultural practices are followed.

“When lobola negations are going to happen, both families need to inform the ancestors they’ll be holding the negotiations virtually,” he said.

“Ancestors aren’t fools. They listen and adapt when informed.”

He said whatever families agree on in terms of payment should happen.

“They shouldn’t decide not to pay just because you’re far and no one will hold you accountable,” he said.

He said what family members agree to is what the ancestors agree to.

Another cultural expert, Victor Ngwane, said there’ll always be change and people have to adapt.

“In the olden days cows were used to pay for lobola, but with time people started bringing cash,” he said.

“Thugs then robbed families and people began using EFT. All that was change and, in everything that happened, the ancestors were informed.”

Two families that had this kind of negotiation in August shared their experience.

Speaking on the families’ behalf, Thando Mafi said the process was very smooth.

He’s the bride’s brother and was the one who came up with the idea of virtual negotiations.

He said the groom’s family is in KZN, while and they’re in the Eastern Cape.

“It started as a joke when my younger sister told me some people wanted to pay lobola for her,” he said.

“I jokingly said we should do it virtually because of lockdown and she loved the idea. We spoke to the elders and they didn’t have a problem.”

Thando said the process was easy and cost-effective.

“Imagine if the other family had to drive all the way from KZN to Eastern Cape,” he said.

Other people also supported virtual lobola negotiations.

Lungelo Makhathini is from Joburg and his wife from KZN.

“We had to drive all the way from Joburg to KZN for the negotiations,” he said.

“It was a long-distance and we had to arrive there very early in the morning. We spent a lot on petrol.”

Sadly, they were involved in a car accident on their way back home but no one was seriously injured.

“We’d have saved money and wouldn’t have been in an accident if the negotiations had been held virtually,” Lungelo told the People’s Paper.

Syabonga Thwala said: “This is the way to go. Never again will we go far for negotiations.

“Even if the other family is oversees, negotiations will go on undisturbed.”

-daily sun

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