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Lindiwe Dikana has killed people for fun but cheating is where she draws the line #TheRiver1Magic

Lindiwe Dikana

The most shocking thing fans of The River have learnt from Tumi’s cheating scandal is, hands down, Lindiwe‘s intolerance for cheating.

Viewers of the popular telenovela learnt that Lindiwe thinks the most despicable thing one human being can do to another is cheating on them. In previous episodes, Lindiwe explained in a chat with Tumi that she felt that as far as immoral deeds go, cheating was the worst of the worst.


Side note: We can all take a moment here to think about the fact that this a woman who has buried people alive, shot people at point-blank range and done far worse things that most people can stomach.

Lindiwe Dikana

Now, Lindiwe explained that, for her, it is the way cheating on a person leaves lifelong scars and deep insecurity on the victim that angers her. She added that it is the way a person continues to blame themselves for their partner’s issues that don’t sit well with her.

On Monday night, when the truth about Tumi and Mabutho was finally exposed, fans could swear that Lindiwe was angrier than Tumi’s husband, Lindani, who is the guy being cheated on.

She was literally breathing fire and everything from her body language to her actual words showed that she was mad at Tumi for breaking up her own marriage.

And when she said this iconic line, fans knew she was fuming!

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