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Linda Mtoba encourages Mommies to breastfeed in public – If my daughter needs to eat, I feed her

Linda Mtoba

Linda Mtoba has encouraged mothers in South Africa to not be shy about breastfeeding in public.

South African TV star Linda Mtoba is enjoying life as a new mother. Not only did she blow us away with her snapback body, but she has taken a moment to speak for mothers everywhere on a topic that seems to return to the limelight every year: breastfeeding in public.

We might be living in a progressive South Africa, but there are still many old-school thinkers who believe that breastfeeding should be done in private. Some people describe it as “indecent” (and these people are usually men…) and would prefer not to be exposed to a woman’s breast or the suckling sounds of a feeding infant.

Linda has no time for any of those people.

Linda Mtoba

The former Isibaya star recently took to social media to open up about some of the nerves she felt when she wanted to breastfeed in public. She then encouraged other mothers not to succumb to the same pressures when she said:

“I really don’t give much thought to feeding my daughter in public, she needs to eat so I feed her. I thought maybe I’d be anxious about it but speaking to other mommies truly gave me the confidence I needed to do it. Mommies it’s ok to breastfeed our babies in public & not feel any shame for it.”


The post was greeted with overwhelming support from her followers and with good reason too. A new mother doesn’t have time to think about where she is, who is watching, or anything else when her child cries for food. The only priority is to feed her baby – as it should be.

Linda has been quite vocal about breastfeeding and breast milk in recent days. Just the other week she tasted her own breast milk before giving us an idea of what it tasted like:

“Surely I’m not the only one who’s tasted their breast milk. Anyway it’s sweet…[sic],”

What’s your take on public breastfeeding?

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