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Levels: TT Mbha gifts his five-year-old daughter with a brand new apartment

Well-known realtor and Living The Dream With Somizi star, TT Mbha, has spared no costs to ensure that his daughters’ futures are secured, buying his little girls apartments at the age of five.

TT will be familiar to most of you as Somizi’s bestie, who became a firm favourite on Somgaga’s reality show.

Away from the camera, TT is one of the few successful, black real estate agents who has helped many prominent figures and celebs purchase property.

So it’s fitting that when his second daughter, Tumi, turned five earlier this week, TT gave her the keys to a brand new one-bedroom apartment.

TT Mbha daughters

“I bought you something very nice. So you now own an apartment. But I’m going to get you a tenant that’s gonna stay there and they going to pay you rent.

“I’m going to save all that rent and when you turn 21 you can move in there. In 16 years, you can go move in there because I want you out of here. Girls with title deeds,” he said in a cute video on Instagram.

TT revealed that he had also gifted his older daughter TJ with an apartment when she turned five.

Now this is Levels, Mchana!

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