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Men are trash – Actress Letoya Makhene’s father rubbishes men, congratulates his daughter for marrying another woman

Letoya Makhene and Blondie

Legendary artist Blondie Makhene said he was happy and proud that her daughter is married to a woman because men are trash.

Actress Letoya Makhene has tied the knot to her sweetheart businesswoman Lebohang Pulumo on Tuesday (22 December).

The traditional wedding took place right in the heart of Soweto in Moletsane Sports Complex.

The decor had a touch of gold and white with traditional beadwork as well as a white cake with pink roses on the side.

Letoya Makhene

The couple also walked in dressed in white with a touch of blue in their traditional outfits.

Makhene said both families had an intensive ceremony earlier in the day as part of building relations and to introduce Lebo to their ancestors.

He said Lebo’s family brought so much respect to their family despite their different backgrounds of Christianity and Sangoma.

“I’m happy that my daughter is married to a woman,” said Makhene.

He said “The two of you make me proud, absolutely proud. These two women have decided to be the change-makers. I can sleep now since my daughter decided to take a woman.

“Guys don’t take any offense, men are not trash but men are trash. If you look at the last 100 years and see what men have done – war, bloodshed, killing, diseases, and men did this. I’m not saying there’s no man like Mkhulu daddy here,” said Blondie with a smile as he referred to himself.

He further thanked men who are taking good care of women.

Letoya Makhene and Blondie

Letoya said she was humble beyond belief because she got close to marriage in her previous relationships but it never worked out because of her calling.

She said: “I’m humbled to find this woman who’s brave enough to understand my spiritual moods, highs and lows. She has taken everything that I come with.

She has honoured my being,” said Letoya.

Lebo said the process wasn’t easy but they came out as bigger people and more informed.

She said:” “I have met someone that I love fearlessly and effortlessly. I’m not perfect but she has accepted me.

“People might criticize us and judge, the same way they always judged us but we are least bothered by what society always says to us.”

-daily sun

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