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It is Gym Time with Lethabo Molotsi: Watch

Lethabo Molotsi

Wait a minute! Did you know that, that body is not just an ordinary sexxxy body coming from just eating. Lethabo Molotsi is actually enjoying the fruits from her hard working out in the gym. She is really working out.

Following her Instagram she did post a video of herself in the gym, striking a BENCH lift workout and she wrote;

Hey Huns, I just wanted to show y’all this thermo belt from @tunashelifestyles 
DISCLAIMER 1.This is not a waist trainer (corset) it’s a Sweat belt that helps you sweat 💦 on your Abdominals & back (when u exercise only) ,  I honestly just do every exercise with my belt on( my personal preference) You can use it when doing Cardio or weight lifting and / when doing abs exercises etc its totally up to you, the belt is really flexible & doesn’t restrict movement, the aim is to sweat 💦 and to get that waist snatched 😛😉💕 Remember Nutrition is 80% Gym is 10%.

In order for you to get rid of that belly fat u need to eat Clean & stay Hydrate

I’m not a professional fitness trainer, I’m still learning everyday and I’m still on a journey to get Fit 🏋🏼‍♀️🙈

Check Below:

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Source: News365, Instagram