Home Entertainment Lerato Kganyago holds nothing back as she takes jabs at Thickleeyonce

Lerato Kganyago holds nothing back as she takes jabs at Thickleeyonce

Tweets from 2015 about Lerato Kganyago have resurfaced in the “Thicklee” social media trend, causing the radio DJ to call out Thickleeyonce for bullying people but not being able to take it.

Lerato Kganyago

In the wake of the trolling that popular photographer and plus size model Thickleeyonce endured post her debut at SA Fashion Week, she detailed how she vomited because of the vast amount of body-shaming she received.


She later questioned why people are hating on her so much and referred to old tweets where she had shaded Lerato Kganyago, questioning if that was part of the reason.

 Thickleeyonce tweet
Thick Leeyonce tweet

While many have supported her in the face of the body-shaming that took place after she walked the ramp, some people have accused her of double standards, insisting she herself bullied Lerato and others on social media.

Twitter went back in their files and pulled out a 2015 tweet where Thickleeyonce had compared Lerato to Bonang Matheba asking: “Why does Lerato sound like Bonang? Or is it just me?”


Lerato joined the conversation and pointed out that Thickleeyonce can dish it but not take it.

Lerato Kganyago tweets

Lerato also questioned why she was being dragged into the conversation.

Lerato Kganyago tweets