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Gomora actress Leera Mthethwa Shows Off Her Son

Did you know that Gomora actress Leera Mthethwa, who stars as Mam Jackie in Mzansi Magic’s telenovela Gomora is a mom in real life? The star recently showed off her baby boy who just turned 3-years-old.

Gushing about her son on social media, Leera thanked God for her son’s existence. She admitted that motherhood has been challenging for her but she wouldn’t trade It for anything else.

“Kumkani-Inam Mthethwa turns 3. Oh my baby… Mama loves you soooo much. I thank God for your existence. Your presence in my life has been challenging but extremely rewarding and fulfilling. You’re the most intelligent baby I know… you are ahead of your time, articulate and so affectionate, kind and loving. It’s you and me against the world nana. There’s nothing Mama wouldn’t do for you. Always remember; should we have nothing, we’ll always have God. Happy Birthday my Angelface,” she posted. Guys please be careful ko Menlyn Maine. 2 guys are lurking, looking for the weakest link to mug and they assumed it was me.

Leera Mthethwa

After realizing this, she stopped and asked them what the problem was, then they left. After being followed for about 5 mins I stopped and turned to them and asked if re tlo bana le flopo (Are we going to have a problem)? They froze and fled but you may not be so lucky.”

Speaking about motherhood, Gomora Mzansi producer Lulu Hela recently became a mother. She announced her pregnancy in August 2021. Guys, please don’t be fooled by the pretty snaps. The third trimester of this third pregnancy showed me such flames, yho! I’ll share more about that another time.

Leera Mthethwa

Ms Diva is here now, happy and healthy, thank God! Moms and dads of 3 kids and more (do you even exist?), I need your help please!

Below, please share tips / advice / lessons / nuggets of information on navigating life in a household with 3 kids. Uncles or aunties are welcome to share too! What have you learnt? What do I need to know? Please tell me. Ngoba I can already tell kusazoba lit.

P.S- Thank you for this dress @yayasanqela – you’re the best. @makeupbyzodwa – you’re a magician. My face loves you. And thank you for looking after me and my family on this shoot.

Source: Zalebs

In other news – Actor Robert Mpisi(London) set for Gomora exit

Mzansi is convinced that Robert Mpisi’s London on Gomora Mzansi could be killed off. This happened after Mazet spiked Don’s drink, however, he did not drink it but instead, gave it to London.

Robert Mpisi

Minutes after drinking, London collapsed and started foaming at the mouth. At the end of the episode, London was taken to hospital but it seems unlikely that he will make it out alive. Learn more

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