Lebo Mathosa’s music rights to be auctioned off live on Facebook

The late singer’s adoptive mother and biological mother were meant to share the proceeds of her music rights.
Late SA pop icon Lebo Mathosa’s music rights will be auctioned off live on Facebook, the Sunday Sun reports.

This follows a legal battle between Nomvula Mathosa, who adopted the late singer, and Judy Peter, her biological mother.

Peter engaged in legal action to be acknowledged as Lebo’s biological mom, which resulted in her being awarded 35% of the singer’s music rights and 35% of her royalties under the South African Music Rights Association (Samro) in a settlement which saw Nomvula forced to share these rights with the late Boom Shaka member’s birth mom.

Lebo Mathosa

Nomvula failed to pay Judy an amount of the money owed after the settlement, however, resulting in her rights being sold to settle the debt.

In 2012, lawyer Jurgens Bekker acquired 65% of these rights in a public auction, and he has decided to now sell them.

Earlier this year, Channel 129 on DStv, Black Entertainment Television (BET), announced their plans to film a biopic based on Mathosa’s life.

Titled The Lebo Mathosa Story, the film “will be based on the singer’s incredible life story while taking viewers on a journey to the 1990s for a taste of the kwaito revolution”.

Mathosa, who sprung to prominence as a teenager when she was spotted by Don Laka, became known for her dyed blond hair, her live shows and over the top outfits. She was regarded by many as the new Brenda Fassie.

She was tragically killed in a car accident on October 23, 2006.

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Source: The Citizen

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