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Lasizwe takes his Frustrations out on a Punching Bag


After suffering a very embarrassing heartbreak Lasizwe has posed as a person who moved on but is still carrying a whole lot of resentment. The comedian and entertainer recently showed us how galled he is on social media during a gym session.


His former bae broke his heart and left him humiliated when he dribbled him during their 2-minute relationship. The video he shared of himself during a gym session probably left his former bae wishing he was not that punching bag.
Lasizwe can be seen angrily striking the punching bag to the point where he loses it for a second before regaining his thoughts and calming himself down.


Lasizwe thought he had found love in a loving partner but to his surprise it was all just a sham. When his bae was heading to Cape Town Lasizwe dropped him off at the airport. After saying their goodbye’s Lasizwe decides to let his hair down and go out with his friends. Much to his surprise, he bumps into the man at a chill spot called Great Dane.

Lasizwe Dambuza

“I’ve never gowishad (gone through a lot) so much for a man. You leave him at the airport and then you just say cool let me go out with my friends, and then you bump into him at Great Dane.”

After the whole incident and spending days feeling sorry for himself, his former lover did not bother to calm him down, instead he mocked and laughed at him with his real bae. In the video the couple is heard laughing at Lasizwe and constantly asking: “Why are you heartbroken?” and then Lasizwe’s ex is holding a doom spray which he sprays into the camera and says: “I will doom you Swirie.

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