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Miss SA Lalela Mswane speaks on why she is wearing secondhand clothes at Miss Universe pageant

Miss South Africa Lalela Mswane is gearing up for Miss Universe which will be held in Israel in a few days. As part of her role as Miss Universe contender, she sometimes speaks about what she is passionate about and looks for faults in that said industry whilst coming up with solutions.Lalela Mswane

Tackling the topic of sustainability and how that affects fashion, Lalela said people must do away with the obsession of new and trendy garments whereas one can re-use the ones which made an impression to the public. She also feels that in this way, she will be doing her bit in helping the planet.

Why is it that we are so against repurposing previous garments even when those garments and fashion outfits made such an impression? We are so hungry for new, exciting and previously unseen items that we completely forget the implications of those choices and the effect it has on our planet.”

In her instance, she said she will be wearing garments which have been worn by previous Miss Universe crown holders, and put a spin on them.

“That is why I decided that half of my Miss Universe wardrobe will consist out of outfits previously worn by my predecessors, the women who came before me and took our breaths away, I’ve decided to put my own spin on it and make sure that you still see me but I’m so grateful that I get to have a little piece of them with me, and all while making a small contribution towards a more sustainable future for fashion.”Lalela Mswane

Which is why she decided to post a picture of her wearing a dress which was previously worn by Miss SA 2018 Tamaryn Green.

Lalela’s reign as Miss SA has gotten so much criticism from the general public because of her willingness to participate in the Miss Universe pageant which will be held in Eliat, Israel on December 12.Lalela Mswane

The reason for this is according to Mandla Mandela, “Israel is an Apartheid State and persists in its heinous occupation and expansion of its illegal settlements in violation of international law. We must persist in isolating Apartheid Israel in the same way that we isolated Apartheid South Africa.

“We call on Miss South Africa and the nation as a whole to boycott and withdraw all support for the Miss Universe pageant in Apartheid Israel. There is nothing beautiful about occupation, brutality and institutionalised discrimination against the Palestinian people.”

Even the government withdrew their support for her following the backlash.


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