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Lady Zamar explains what is behind her new album titled Monarch

Lady Zamar

Lady Zamar opens up about her personal journey though her new album.

After announcing her latest album’s artwork and track list, the multi-award winning singer opened up about the personal journey that influenced this body of work.

Titled Monarch, which means a sovereign head of state from royalty, the 20 selected songs tell of a story of transformation and growth, of how the singer dealt with her emotional baggage that brought her to the full realisation of who she is.

Zamar revealed that she went through the worst emotional trials, break ups and make ups, experienced great losses in music, spiritually, physically – some losses she said she isn’t ready to speak about in public yet, but has been undergoing therapy for the past eight months.

Lady Zamar

This album, she explained, tells of that journey and how she has conquered it with the hope that it will also help her fans.

The singer, who recently won the Sampra Highest Airplay of the Year award for her song Collide during the 25th annual SA Music Awards, also described Monarch as an elevation of her sound and music, and a continuation from the work in King Zamar, which was released in 2017.

“The first part of the portrayal story with this album is that I continue to be in my own lane, I continue to surpass myself and that I am a woman in all my glory,” she said.

The second part of her story speaks of evolving from all the darkness she has had to endure from the time of her first album’s success, making her a lot stronger.

“I started out in the music industry not knowing anything or knowing what I stepped into but all I knew was that I wanted to do what I love.

“I think like many artists, we land ourselves in hot water, we go though a lot of confusion and at some point feel like we have been deceived by so many different people. Not just the music life but you find some people come into your life only to take from you.

“Bringing all these experiences together, you find yourself destitute and sometimes you experience some loneliness.”

All these experiences took away from who she was and left her feeling empty, she said. The songs were trimmed down from 900 songs that she wrote over a year.

Lady Zamar

“The first six months of recording Monarch, the songs were very dark and filled with sadness, and it took a lot to get out of that space.

“For this album to come to this point, it took a lot.”

This is an album that tells a story that is complete, filled with the bad to the good to the ugly, to the confused and now being a fully fledged member of her own committee, she said giggling.

“It is not one-sided like King Zamar was, only carrying one narrative – that love is blind. Monarch starts off with the song This is Love which is a turbulent song, and within the entire album you hear that theme continues to reappear lyrically. That’s the theme that says life is not perfect but you have to appreciate the moments you that are in,” she said.

Monarch ties everything together in music.

“Moving forward, I am absolutely sure where I want to go. I have no idea how I will get there but I am very sure that now I can make all my dreams come true. I am no longer leaving my future to everyone else to determine but this is my own race to run and I am now competing with me, “ she said.

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