Lady Zamar responds to Sjava – Men create broken women

Lady Zama and Sjava
Lady Zama and Sjava

Lady Zamar responds to Sjava – Men create broken women. South Africa’s former celebrity couple Sjava and Lady Zamar found themselves as the talk of the twitter streets after Lady Zamar replied to Sjava’s controversial tweet about Mzansi’s political landscape.

Sjava and Lady Zamar’s two-year relationship was speculated for a while but Sjava was the king of denying anything that has to do with his love life until the two called quits.

A few months ago Sjava posted a photo of them together with a heart caption which then Lady Zamar replied to by clarifying they broke up in March this year.

It seems like Lady Zamar is still not over whatever happened between them according to her recent reply to Sjava’s tweet from yesterday.

Sjava tweeted that, “The reason why our country [will rot] and be f*cked up [is] because our generation only tweets. We don’t come together, go out there and take action on anything!” and the people were never ready for Lady Zamar’s shady response.

The songstress replied by saying that, ” the reason our country will go to waste is because most men aren’t willing to stand for anything or do what’s right… Instead they do stuff that make our society rotten and create broken women all around them.”

sjava tweet


Lady Zamar has since then deleted the tweet that left twitter wondering if she is okay.

Lady Zama Tweet

Source: Daily Sun

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