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Brave lady chops snake with a knife after it wraps itself around another woman’s leg – Video

A chilling video of a snake wrapping itself around a woman’s leg before it was chopped off with a knife has gone viral on social media.

In the one-minute clip, a snake can be seen slithering toward a classroom when a woman believed to be a teacher approaches it and tries to stomp it with her foot.

The snake responds by curling itself around the woman’s leg and she subsequently calls for help.

“Bring me something,” she says in Ndebele.

“Something like what?” asks another woman.

“Bring me something that I can use to hold; a towel, bring me a towel, bring a towel,” she says.

While she’s still struggling with the snake, two women come running to her aid.

One is carrying a towel and another one is carrying a knife, which she boldly uses to chop the snake from the woman’s leg.

It’s unclear where the incident happened.

Meanwhile, the SPCA said rather than fearing snakes, it was wise for people to learn as much as they can about snakes and other creatures which lived alongside humans, in an effort to better understand them and their behaviour.

“Knowing how to tell the difference between the venomous ones and the harmless ones is key … Snakes play an important role in our environment by controlling rodents and other pests,” the SPCA said.


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Mzansi reality TV star and businesswoman, Shauwn Mkhize, popularly known as Mamkhize, has shown that she is a queen of gold as she shows off her expensive all-gold bedroom.

Shauwn Mkhize

Mamkhize is well known for her love for an expensive lifestyle and doesn’t shy away from it. Over and over again, she always shows off her costly luxurious mansions and cars, leaving Mzansi in awe. Mamkhize’s bedroom is all designed in gold, which is very expensive. It seemed that she always had something new to show her fans. Learn More