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Kylie Jenner is staying at home while waiting for her due date

Kylie Jenner is “nesting” at home as she awaits the arrival of her second child, as sources say she and Travis Scott are both excited to become parents again.

The 24-year-old reality star is currently expecting her second child with Travis Scott – with whom she already has three-year-old daughter Stormi – and sources have said Kylie is now relaxing at home and taking it easy as she nears her due date. An insider said: “She’s been hanging out with her family and a few close friends and is just nesting until the baby comes. She loves being at home and has been getting the nursery ready.”

The source also said Travis, 30, is equally as ready to become a dad again and claimed he and Kylie have been “inseparable” over the course of her pregnancy.

The insider added: “Travis has been by her side and has been very supportive during her pregnancy. They have definitely been inseparable and leaning on each other. They are both excited for the baby to come
Meanwhile, other sources previously said Kylie is “so excited” to welcome her second child and has been busy decorating the nursery for her impending arrival.

Another source said: “[Kylie is] doing really well and is so excited about the baby. [She is] having fun decorating a nursery and getting ready for the baby. She and Travis are doing great too. They spend as much time with Stormi as they can. Kylie is convinced that she will be the best big sister

Source: People

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Amanda Du-Pont

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