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Kuli Roberts slaps: I’m black as the night and accept it

Kuli Roberts has made it clear that she will never apologise for her activism, and when people try to use her complexion to come at her, she has a very scathing message for them.

A conversation that began when Kuli raised her voice to speak for lesbians on Twitter turned into a space for Kuli to provide a few facts about herself.

She said people often think they can “hurt” her by making comments about how dark she is and how that makes her “ugly”.

She said it began when she was young.

“Turns out they were calling me ‘very, very, very dark one’. That is a fact I’ve been hearing since I could hear. It’s hardly an insult but fact. You can’t expect me to change my skin colour because some randoms think it’s ugly. I’m black as the night and accept it,” she said.

Kuli made it clear that she’s long detached herself from people who criticise her complexion.

She mentioned that people often tell her not to despair because the “Germans will love” her.

“There is no way I’m letting Black people make me feel bad about being darker than them. It’s ludicrous! They know what to kiss,” she added.

Oh, and by the way, sis is never going to bleach her skin to be lighter. So don’t even ask.

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