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Kris Jenner imposes strict rules for Kardashian sisters amid new stresses

Kris Jenner reportedly wants her daughters to stir up some drama ahead of The Kardashians new season release. As fans will know, the fifth season of American reality show, revolving around the Kardashian-Jenner, is slared to air on Hulu on 23rd May 2024. Amid its release, the momager Kris Jenner has reportedly come up with new schemes for her daughters in order to guarantee the show’s viewership.

An insider privy to In Touch Weekly recently told the outlet, “Kris is always convinced they’re only one ratings dip away from being replaced so she can never just sit back and enjoy what’s she built.”

They also added, “She’s constantly living in fear that they’re about to lose it all. Right now, the big pressure is bringing in the audience for this new season.

Kris Jenner

“They’ve all been paid an absolute fortune and now they need to prove they’re worth it. That means they need to promote the hell out of the show so they not only get the existing viewers tuning in, but also get more people signing up for the service,” the insider added.

Spilling the beans on Kris’ plan, the source claimed that she is pushing the Kardashian sisters “non-stop” to do “attention” grabbing acts, and Kim Kardashian’s Bianca Censori inspired dressing is one of them.

“She is pushing the girls non-stop and demanding they do something every day to get attention,” the insider noted.

They also referred to Khloe’s recent seemingly homosexual comments, “Khloé Kardashian teasing that she might start dating girls is the perfect example of the sort of headlines Kris wants,” and moved on to discuss another topic.

Source: People

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Wandi Ndlovu

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