Kim Kardashian’s former assistant breaks silence on getting fired

Kim Kardashian‘s former assistant Stephanie Shepherd disclosed why she was fired by the reality TV star. In a recent episode of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, Stephanie, who was working as the COO for the Kardashian brand, shared that she “no longer felt fulfillment” by her job and Kim could sense it.

“Well, I was let go. Fired in the best way possible. Like, I was sobbing and she was crying because we’ve always been friends,” she recalled.

Stephanie, whose wedding Kim had attended earlier this year, continued she simply had “the instinct” that it was time to move on, “Kim said she wasn’t sure what more she can do to help with this. From 2013 to 2017, Stephanie served as Kim’s personal assistant and was later promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer for all Kardashian West brands, before being fired.

Stephanie concluded that even after being dismissed, she frequently consults Kim for expert counsel, “It was the most exquisite separation, and our bond has never been stronger. I still go to her all the time for advice, both personal and professional.

Source: people

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