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Search and recovery operations for Khaya Magadla enter 3rd day

Search and recovery operations for six-year-old Khaya Magadla continued for the third day in Dlamini, Soweto on Wednesday morning.

Magadla fell into an open manhole at a park along Mtambo Street while playing with friends on Sunday evening.

A multidisciplinary search team including the South African Police Service, Johannesburg Water technicians and emergency services has been looking for the boy since Monday – with no success.

The incident shocked the close-knit community – who have braved the cold to keep a watchful eye on the search.

It’s bitterly cold on Wednesday morning, but that hasn’t stopped the community of Dlamini from gathering at the park where little Khaya Magadla was last seen on Sunday.

They sang hymns and prayed the family – and emergency officers continued to scour the pipelines in search of the little boy.

A woman said the community was shaken – adding that their collective conscience did not allow them to sit in their homes while the boy is still missing.

“We ask God to help find the child whether he is dead or alive we need the child”.

Meanwhile, Joburg Emergency Management Services spokesperson Robert Muluadzi said they’d be moving the search from the park.

“We are now sure that he is not around this line, so what we are going to do now is we are going to continue from where we left off yesterday”.

The search is expected to continue at the Olifantsvlei water treatment plant.


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