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Khanyi Mbau – I don’t have time for haters: Pictures and Memes

Khanyi may be scoring acting gigs left right and centre, but she ain’t gonna pretend to tolerate people clowning around on her page calling her a “fake beauty”.

Khanyi was serving sauce pictures…

Khanyi Mbau

When a hater came running up to her and claimed Khanyi wasn’t inspiring with her “fake beauty”.

Khanyi Mbau

“If this beauty was natural benzoncoma, but ngk uzenzile so this doesn’t inspire me at all…fake beauty.”

Khanyi Mbau

While Khanyi’s fans were flooding the comments section to defend their queen, Khanyi had a couple of choices:

Khanyi Mbau

But the actress replied in a rather soft but tactical response which we loved…Khanyi Mbau

1. Bluetick/ ignore

2. Block ’em

3. Hit back with a jab about the hater’s make-up

4. Send the Twitter police over to the hater’s house

In a swift move, she floored the troll with.

The masses nearly froze from the shade. And then went in.


Source: Instagram/Times Live

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