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Kelly Rowland caught in heated exchange with security guard

Singer Kelly Rowland appears to have lost her temper at security personnel at the Cannes Film Festival. Images and video have captured the former Destiny’s Child star on the red carpet, pointing her finger at a security woman while speaking sternly. Attending the Marcello Mio premiere at the famous French movie festival, the 43-year-old was seen on the red carpet posing, smiling and waving.

Rowland, whose naturally dark hair had been dyed platinum blonde, was wearing a red gown with a diamond necklace. As she walked up the stairs, a female security guard, dressed in a black pantsuit, approached and held her arm up, appearing to usher Rowland up the stairs.It remains unclear what prompted the ensuing scene. Photos were quickly shared to social media, with users speculating what might have caused the moment.

Kelly Rowland

“Why does she keep trying to touch Kelly too, ugh GET BACK,” one X user said in defence of Rowland.It’s absolutely unheard of to step on the talent’s dress. That’s crazy,” another said.

“Security appears well trained. Not one person actually touched her. Points. However, it looked like she was rushed and they almost stepped on her gown,” added a third.It comes after Rowland walked out of her appearance on the US Today show for unknown reasons. Although not scheduled to appear on the show, singer Rita Ora was forced to step in at the last minute.

It was reported the storm-off happened because of “disrespect” shown by one of the hosts, Savannah Guthrie, who “aggressively” questioned her about former Destiny’s Child co-star Beyonce

Source: People

In other news – Jennifer Garner offers support to Ben Affleck amid Jennifer Lopez drama

Jennifer Garner has been encouraged her ex-husband Ben Affleck to work on his marriage to Jennifer Lopez amid rumours the duo is headed for divorce.

Jennifer Garner

The Alias actor is said to be urging the Gone Girl star to work on the issues he is facing with JLo as she knows that being in the spotlight “can put a strain” on their relationship. Read more