Why you should keep your socks on during S.e.x

In my lifetime of fashion and trends, I’ve often heard about different kinds of socks.

From secret socks to happy socks, socks have become an important accessory in clothing and in fashion.

It then comes as no surprise that taking them off becomes a challenge, especially when you’re about to have s.e.x.

This accessory, much like the c0nd0m, has become a key component during s.e.x, and experts tell us why:

Cotton, the material used to make socks, is one of the most comfortable materials for the human body.

Referred to as “foot c0nd0ms”, socks play an important role in protecting and nurturing one’s feet and not all of us are blessed with the best toes.

According to s.e.xologists, socks are also great for an 0rgasm during s.e.x.

For a human being to experience the ultimate 0rgasm,
comfort, stimulation, and concentration are needed to experience the ultimate 0rgasm. Socks psychologically help with that.

Researchers at the University of Groningen found that 80% of couples reached an 0rgasm while wearing socks while only 50% managed to climax without socks.

-Daily Sun

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