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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom to get married soon?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are seemingly going to ring wedding bells soon. A source close to the celebrity couple has spilled the beans on their marriage plans, which were previously delayed due to a handful of reasons, as per the findings of Heat Magazine.

In an exclusive conversation with the publication, the insider disclosed that the couple is considering tying the knot on Valentine’s Day of 2024. Katy and Orlando have postponed their wedding multiple times, but 2024 is the year they want to make it happen,” the tipster began by saying.

The source then observed, “They’re happier than ever,” revealing, “and everyone is predicting they’ll get married soon – possibly even on Valentine’s Day, which is the anniversary of their engagement.”

The outlet was also told that in addition to their wedding plans, the singing sensation and her fiancé, who currently share a three-year-old daughter, were also hoping to expand their family.

“It’s very possible Katy will be a pregnant bride. It’s no secret that she very much wants to have baby number two, and this year really makes the most sense.”

“She’s finished her big Las Vegas residency, so she’s got some time in her schedule. Plus, at three, Daisy is old enough now to understand the whole thing. She’s ready to be a big sister, too,” the source excitedly concluded.

Source: People

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