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Fitness & Health Influencer Katleho Magwaza’s latest pictures

Katleho Magwaza

Fitness & Health Influencer Katleho Magwaza’s latest pictures. Katleho Magwiza is a Weightloss warrior fitness and health influencer who is also an aspiring Specialized Nutritionist. She loves to stay fit and she is also helping others, ladies, to stay fit too. Here is what she thinks about staying healthy:

Firstly you need to fall in love with the journey, realize that it is a process this includes being patient and kind to yourself. Secondly avoid comparing yourself to others and talking down to yourself, instead learn how to practice self-love, appreciating your current self-whilst in the process of building a better you. Thirdly have a healthy meal plan, exercise program and hold yourself accountable, if you struggle to do so get a mentor or friend to hold you accountable. Lastly, believe in yourself that you can do anything that you set your mind to because it is not the body that is unable however the mind that requires being convinced.

Check some of the gym pics she posts on her Instagram account…

Don’t forget to stretch before and after you exercise😊

The throne is for the taking… #DrenchedInSweat

It’s crazy how it takes one decision, one moment of “I’ve had enough” to push you to put in that effort consistently to get what you want!

I’m cold now, can you tell? Not temperature wise but yeah…
Even if I told you, you probably couldn’t tell…

An insight into my daily routine (meal prepping and heading out to the gym) today was a bit defeating from forgetting my skipping rope to not achieving my daily fitness record. Nonetheless, I am grateful to train because it’s what I love and it’s essential to embrace the bad days as they provide guidance towards improvement and achieving better results. This is the #TheRealBehindTheQueen.

Vibe alone for a bit. Stay prayed up. Crush goals🔨🔧🔩

Source: Instagram/News365coza