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PIC – How actress Katlego Danke looked during her school days in Matric

This picture is such a motivation, a lot of her fans and followers might be influenced!

Most people are still insecure about their high school pictures and prefer to keep them hidden at the back of the cupboard where nobody can ever find them.

Gomora actress Katlego Danke, is confident enough about her throwback high school pictures that she has no problem sharing snaps of her young self on social media.

Katlego Danke

Danke posted a candid school picture of her showing her pearly whites in her school uniform and dedicated the post to her young self.

In the lengthy post, she spoke about how the picture is a representation of her freedom. Her last year of high school was where life really started for her including decision making, making mistakes and all the grown-up stuff that comes with adulthood.

Katlego Danke

Not quite a ‘94 pic and not TBThursday, but this is a pic that signaled freedom for me. Matric year brought the freedom to make serious decisions about my life, leave school and home, and the freedom to begin the life of independence I was so hungry for. So today I’m reminded of freedom and what it means to me now, so many years later. Freedom to be myself, freedom to be unique. Freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. Freedom to love and allow myself to be loved. Freedom to express myself without fear. Freedom to write the chapters of my life as I so please. Let’s celebrate Freedom. Happy Freedom Day #FreedomDay #WhatAreYourFreedoms #FreeToBe #KatlegoDanke

Check this out:

Katlego Danke

The image is her way of celebrating her freedom and coming of age. Katlego reminisced about the independence that came with her freedom and how she values all the life lessons that have come with life.

The actress and beauty has been complimented by Mzansi for her age-defying looks. Even though she is in her forties you would swear that she is in her thirties

Danke has even trended on twitter because of her amazing looks as people are still in disbelief that she really has passed the forty-year mark.

Whatever magic potion she is drinking to achieve her looks; she clearly needs to pass it along because sis is the ultimate of how black don’t crack.

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Source: Mbare Times