Kagiso Khoza

Yoh! Wednesday night’s episode of The Queen really threw fans “offside” as they didn’t see Kagiso’s revenge plan coming. Kagiso was left temporarily blind after a bomb planted by Shaka and Brutus exploded while he was in Harriet’s car. While the bomb wasn’t meant for his mother, Kagiso went through a wave of emotions when he had to live life as a blind man. For weeks he tried to convince his mother that they needed to “get revenge” and give Shaka and Brutus what they deserved, but Harriet was on that “peace and not war” tip.

Brutus and Shaka

It didn’t sit well with Kagiso who felt that he wasn’t being heard and resorted to planning an act of revenge on his own. The plot thickened when Kagiso hid the fact that he had regained his eyesight to his mother, who he believes might stop his plan. The cringe-worthy episode showed Kagiso booking a warehouse for the week, leaving viewers wondering what his plans are. Tweeps couldn’t handle what’s about to come and flooded social media with reaction to the drama.


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Celeste Khumalo and Zulu Mkhathini

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