Home Entertainment Fans react to Kagiso khoza’s near-death experience on #TheQueenMzansi

Fans react to Kagiso khoza’s near-death experience on #TheQueenMzansi

Kagiso khoza

Tongues were wagging over last night’s episode of the action-packed telenovela, The Queen, after Kagiso escaped death by an inch. Sgaqagaqa, as he’s known on the drama series, survived a bombing in his mother’s car. The bomb explosion was set up by Shaka and Brutus who were out to kill Harriet but caught Kagiso in the crossfire.

Kagiso Khoza

The incident sparked mixed reviews on social media. Some were glad that Kagiso wasn’t killed in the explosion, while others were unhappy with the scene and felt cheated by the telenovela’s scriptwriters.

Kagiso was not the only character who recently had a near-death experience. Jerry, who goes by “Jay” now, also survived a coma after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.


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