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This is why Junior de Rocka is in serious trouble

Producer and artist Mabzar is accusing Junior de Rocka and a group called Elevatorz of stealing his song. Real name Junior Mzizi, Junior de Rocka and Gqom group Elevatorz released a song titled Abantu Abadala, where he features Ngizwe Mchunu, on Friday.

New artist Mabzar, real name Samkelo Gasa is accusing Junior of releasing the song without informing him or crediting him. “It has come to my attention that the song titled Abantu Abadala where I featured Ngizwe Mchunu has been compromised.

Junior De Rocka

The main artist and primary producer, owner of the song Abantu Abadala is Mabzar. I was not aware about the changes that have been made in my song. It was such a disappointment that now I am featured in my own song that I was supposed to released under my record label Blackholic Entertainment Cupcush Records,” he said.

Mabzar also said that he was shocked when he saw a social media post that the song would be released on Friday. “I was not notified about the changes including the appearance of the artwork,” he added. He said he did not work on the song with Junior,and he doesn’t understand how he managed to get hold of it and even decided on the release date. “I made the song on 4th March 2024 at 12:57.

Junior De Rocka

I have all the proof and the witnesses to prove my case. The Elevators asked me to join them on the track and I agreed because we have mutual understanding and the fact that I have worked with them in other projects. They double crossed me,”

Mabzar said that he trusted Elevatorz as they had worked together before. “I had hoped that their style was going to fuse nicely with mine. We agreed with Elevatorz that I will distribute and drop the song as the main artist when the time is right. Unfortunately, I was underestimated to this point. As you all can see, I am not credited the way I should.

Junior De Rocka

He said he has tried to speak to the group as soon as he saw the announcement just before the song dropped. According to him, he begged them not to release the song so that they can finalise the paperwork first and fix the metaphor of the song.

DJ Junior De Rocka

I guess my voice was not loud enough to be recognised, and I was not given credit the way I should have, I am considering taking legal actions,” he said. Attempts to get comment from Junior and Elevatorz proved fruitless as both artists hung up when they were asked about the issue.

Source: The southafrican

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