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Watch: Lady jumps off a building and dies in Dubai

May her soul rest in peace!

A 23-year-old Ugandan slay queen jumped off a building and died instantly in Dubai in an apparent suicide case.

Monic Karungi, commonly known as Mona Kizz according to Routine Blast, threw herself from the seventh floor of the Al Fahad building in Dubai, killing herself instantly.

From the shocking video circulating on Twitter shot by witnesses from a nearby building, Mona Kizz is seen standing on the window of what appears to be a staircase, holding both sides of the wall. She contemplates her fate, although her resolve is quite apparent.

In an instant, she then lets go of the window and makes a frantic leap from her floor. She rolls mid-air amid terrified yells by onlookers before making a disturbing thud on the hard tar surface below, which awkwardly breaks both her legs.

She dies instantly, face down.

A scroll down her Instagram account reveals a lady who enjoyed a fancy lifestyle and who was not shy to show off her half-n@ked body. She does not give out any hint of being troubled or depressed.


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The reason why slay queen Mona Kizz committed suicide has not yet been unraveled.

Check out how social media reacted to the horrifying incident.

*The video below is not for sensitive viewers

Mona’s suicide brings up Dubai at the centre of the news again. Last week, a video blew up the internet, showing a rich man defecating into a slay queen’s mouth for money.

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