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SAHRC trying to get to the bottom of July unrest

It is day two of the South African Human Rights Commission’s inquiry into the violent looting and unrest that took place in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal in July.

On Monday, a Pietermaritzburg woman detailed how her teenage nephew was killed during the unrest.

He was one of 137 people killed.

The commission says it wants to try and get to the bottom of why the unrest began.

“As far as the SAHRC is concerned, there are numerous factors that led us to this situation. We can’t escape the fact that it came off the back of, not just the sentencing but the imprisonment of a former president,” said SAHRC spokesperson Gushwell Brooks.

“More importantly, we have to ask ourselves, is when people took to the streets… yes, some people took luxury television sets, firdges, and that type of thing but many people also went out looting for the most basic food items. So we also have to look at the role poverty plays, and how that poses a risk to our freedom and security in South Africa.”

Source: eNCA

In other news – No vaccine, no job – Muvhango actors given an ultimatum

Muvhango cast and crew have been given an ultimatum by the soapie creator Duma Ndlovu to vaccinate or lose their contracts. Ndlovu threw down the gauntlet to actors and technical staff during a meeting to discuss austerity measures to curb company costs in the new financial season and to minimize the spread of Covid-19.


The actors, who have been at home as the producers and the SABC were negotiating new contracts, will resume their shooting schedule next month. Learn More

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