#Uyajola 99: Jub Jub’s Bodyguards angers Fans, the way they manhandled Jahman is too much

Ever since Moja Love brought us SA’s version of cheaters, Uyajola 99, our Sundays haven’t been the same since.

In one of Sunday’s episodes, cheating lover Jahman was lifted up by Jub Jub‘s bodyguards following his retaliation after he was caught cheating.

Jahman on Uyajola 99

As hilarious as this scene was – many of the show’s viewers are concerned about some of the methods used by the controversial reality show. Some fans are even asking if it’s even legal to invade people’s personal spaces and handle them in such a degrading manner.

Jahman on Uyajola 99

Check out some of the reactions about the incident from fans on social media.

Uyajola, which first aired in 2019 is described as: Disgruntled lovers, who suspect their partner is cheating, are assisted with investigating their fears and confronting their partner.


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Enhle Mbali

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