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John Kani’s legendary appearance on Podcast and Chill with MacG

Renowned South African actor and playwright Dr John Kani was the most recent guest on “Podcast and Chill with MacG” and chillers are saying that this was the best episode yet.

The “Black Panther” actor also lent his powerful voice to the podcast’s title sequence in celebration of his attendance. Co-host Sol Phenduka posted on Twitter: “History . Podcast and Chill. 🎙- Dr John Kani @maligant_media -@Solphendukaa -@AYAPROW_BIGGFUN.”
Kani made quite an impression on Chillers as he chatted to MacG and Sol about apartheid, local productions, Hollywood, “Black Panther” and “Kunene & The King”.

John Kani

He spoke about suckling away on his mother’s double D’s not knowing what was going on in the world in 1943, and then moved on tohis high school years where he started to learn about colour and class.
It’s 1950, time to go to school, and then suddenly you realise, why am I turning left and the others are going on the other side. And why is my place called township and the other side of the street is called town, and why do I only see black people around me and when I go to town it’s only white people.

“Why does my father make sure we top drinking water on Friday at 10pm, because we going to go shopping in town on Saturday – and I found out as I grew up,” said Kani.

Speaking of his acting career he said: “When I went into acting in the 60s and 70s it became a revolution. Suddenly I could earn what I wanted to earn and I would be paid what I am negotiating
“However, at a certain stage my salary was a well-kept secret because the white actors would not be happy knowing that I am earning more than them,” he revealed.

John Kani

Kani recalled landing in London and walking the streets of the “free world”, and meeting the likes of O.R. Tambo, Adelaide Tambo and other freedom fighters.

“We open in London, wow. We walked the streets of the free world, anyone could see that we just arrived. And suddenly, one night, at the end of the seventh performance, we were told very hush hush that there’s some people who’d like to talk to you
“And, at that time, I met all the leaders of our future country,” said Kani.

Commenting on the over hour long interview, Chillers said it was the best episode yet and one that will be sure to gain a few million views.

“This one is for the books! We’re documenting history right here. A century from now this will be gold,” said Bro

Source: IOL

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