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Jogging, walking your dog allowed during lockdown

walking your dog allowed during lockdown

South Africa (25 March 2020) – The Minister of Health has just confirmed that South Africans are allowed to go for a jog and walk their dogs, as long as it is done safely, and large groups of people are avoided.

Minister Zweli Mkhize explained that the lockdown was to prevent large gatherings, like too many people on public transport, from spreading the virus back and forth but walking a dog or going for a jog during the next 21 days is allowed! Walking the dog or going for a jog in the fresh air will also do you some good. Getting in 30 to 60 minutes of moderate to brisk activity can help your immune system keep viruses at bay.

There is also better airflow outside than in confined spaces. That airflow outside reduces the risk of one person transmitting the virus to another through droplets in the air. It is still recommended that you stay at least 1 meter away from others while outdoors.
Exactly how, when, and where you are allowed to do so will be published in government guidelines later this afternoon.

Good Things Guy is reporting on this News as many of our readers are dog-lovers and have asked the question. We do however want to state that if you choose to walk your dog or jog outside then you must do this with all safety protocols in place (distance must be kept and no groups).

Update: The Minister of Health has had a conversation on 702 and confirmed that you can go for a jog or walk your dog, but it is really preferable that you stay at home. Even though he prefers that people must stay at home during the lockdown if people were to go out and jog, it has to be for a short distance and it mustn’t be with a crowd, he says.

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